Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Manifesto

It's become a tradition for Aimee and I to make a summer to-do list. It can be hard to find a variety of things to do since being outside during an Arizona summer is a terrible idea. This summer, in addition to the plans she and I make, I have decided to add some activities that are really meant for me alone.   (Items in red have been done!)

This summer I will:
1. spend a day at Sunsplash
2. find 100 geocaches
3. clean & organize my craft room
4. have a bbq
5. eat at Pizzeria Bianco again
6. finish the first half of the In Death series by J.D. Robb
7. go tubing down the Salt River
8. start up Project Life again
9. love the heck out of this girl
10. go to a few Diamondbacks games
11. camp at Lee's Ferry
12. make homemade ice cream
13. visit the Grand Canyon again
14. journal
15. have lunch with mom once a week
16. visit Meteor Crater again
17. swim at the public pools in my city
18. practice yoga once a week
19. take a road trip with my friends

20. catch up on tv series with Aims
21. eat at Pane Bianco
22. swim in Water Wheel

23. visit another state
24. watch fireworks
25. swim in Lake Powell and take a boat tour
26. try one new recipe a week
27. walk/drive across Navajo Bridge
28. visit Montezuma's castle and Tuzigoot National Monument
29. go to Rawhide Wild West Town for dinner and drinks
30. drive through Monument Valley
31. camp with the Sowders

32. babysit Jax and play cars

33. spend quality time with the doxies and Aims

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