Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Meet the Doxies

of the house.


I rescued her from the AZ Humane Society in March of 2009.  She weighs a whopping 7 pounds on her fatest days. Her energy level reminds me of a two year old.  She is always on the go and ready to play. Her interests are chew toys, playing fetch, barking at anything that moves (and some things that don't), cuddling with anyone who will sit still long enough, eating random things from nature, visiting her grandparents, hanging with her big brother Gabe, and following her mom around the house.

She loves to...

dress up for Halloween.

run full speed to get places.

ride under the passenger seat in the car

and hang out in the woodpile when we go camping.


I adopted him from the AZ Humane Society in June of 2007.  He is also known as Gabey Baby, Gabe the Tank, the Gabester, and Love Bug, but he prefers to be called Mr. Gabe. His interests include eating anything, having his belly rubbed, playing keep away from Ava, going on long walks, staring at his mom, visiting his grandparents, waiting at the window for his peeps to come home, sleeping in, and barking at strangers. He is very talented at jumping on our high-top dining room table and feasting on whatever he can find up there. Nothing makes him happier than realizing someone left a door open to one of the rooms with a garbage can.

Gabe also enjoys...

playing in the creek when he goes camping,

and then wrapping up in a warm blanket and sitting around the campfire,

flaunting his Petsmart Degree,

striking a pose for the camera,

and taking a car ride with a good friend.