Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Manifesto #10

About a week ago I posted a portion of the list I created to keep me focused this summer. Otherwise, I will just waste the days reading and cuddling with the doxies. I need a plan to keep me on top of things. I'm thinking that in addition to posting part of my list, I will also post when I do some of the activities. I mean, I won't post about #14: journaling. No one needs to know about my insane love for the Biebs but me and the judge who issued the restraining order. It's not my fault that there isn't a clearer policy on how many times you can drive by someone's house blasting Baby really loud before it's considered creepy and illegal. I digress.

On to an activity I will share

#10: Go to a few Diamondbacks games
Nothing like watching the Diamondbacks kick some butt, especially since it doesn't happen too often. Jamie's brother, Jared, has season tickets and he invited us to go along with him and his girlfriend Tracy. Jamie spilled her root beer  twice (once was my fault though) and her margarita once. Innocent bystanders were splashed each time. Sorry man in front of us. We realize you were just trying to have a nice time with your young daughter. You didn't realize you were going to be attacked by massive amounts of root beer on two different occasions. (Yes, I realize that I look drunk in the picture below. I wasn't. You don't believe me?! Ask me sometime who sat down in a seat that didn't exist. I can tell you it wasn't me.)

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