Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tubac and Tumacacori

I went on a road trip this weekend to Tubac and Tumacacori, which are about a dachshund's length from the Mexico border. Tubac is a small artsy village that has an annual Art Fest that Aimee and I love to go to. More to the point, we love to take pictures of ourselves in Tubac. It has so many picturesque spots.

Last time we were in Tubac I purchased a metal dog that I, stupidly, placed on my front porch. After a few months the dog disappeared. I was hoping to find another one at the festival, but this time I would find a safer spot for it around the house. Metal work is very popular at this art fest, but there were no dogs that caught my eye. What did catch my eye was the $5 mango margarita's at Elvira's. Sadly, the food was just so-so and the decor burned my retinas. We also visited Tubac Jack's bar, which was much more my style. We would have spent more time there, but there was a couple next to us that was having an awkward conversation.

After Tubac, our next step was the mission at Tumacacori National Historic Park.

For us, no trip is complete without a little geocaching. We found 20 geos altogether, but one definitely stood out as a favorite. On a back road in between Tubac and Tumacacori, we found this basket hanging in a tree.

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