Monday, May 30, 2011

Packing For Two Weeks in Germany

As I pack for the trip, I keep repeating "minimal" in my mind. We will be doing lots of walking with our luggage as well as hurrying to make plane and train connections.  We change hotels every two days, and I don't want the headache that would come with repacking a massive suitcase for every move.  The four of us have all decided to take one backpack each.  That may sound small and impossible, but I could easily fit way more than I need in my backpack.  Even though I have the room, I still don't want to be carrying too much weight around.  Hopefully my back and shoulders will thank me at the end of this trip.

Here is a look at what I will be taking with me.

The trip is 12 days, but I am only taking 6 shirts with me.  I don't think anyone will care that I will be wearing each shirt twice.  I don't plan on running a marathon while in Germany, so my clothes won't be getting too dirty. I will also be taking a black cardigan, three tank tops (I love to layer), yoga pants (for wearing on the plane and as pajamas), and two pairs of pants.

My blue crossbody purse is perfect for traveling. In it I will carry my camera, Kindle, chap stick, hair tie, bobby pins, mirror, sunglasses, Advil, and a pen. I also like to carry a money belt for my passport and most of my money.  I still have a lot of Euros left over from my last time in Germany.

For my scrapbook/travel journal I am taking tape, double sided adhesive, and airplane approved scissors.  For toiletries I have sunscreen, face moisturizer, a small amount of makeup, comb, deodorant, face wash bar, shampoo bar, two mini bottles of conditioner, and hair straightening gel.  (An unneeded luxury, but I hate my curly hair.)  I will also be taking a camera battery charger, the Kindle charger cord, a collapsible water bottle, very small tripod, band aids, and a stain remover stick. 

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